Room Addition


Structure and Control

When adding a room to your home, the careful selection of an experienced remodeling company is critical to the success of your project. Our years of experience in room additions and installations has helped us perfect our process and minimize the impact on your everyday life. We work closely with you to determine your needs, and devise a plan custom tailored to your situation.

Second Floor Addition

Room Addition

Sun Room Addition

Sun Room Addition

 Game Room

games room garage conversion

 Echo Builders has an in-house team that handles room addition projects, giving us more flexibility in our price structure and more control over the quality of the work performed. This translates directly into substantial savings for you, and a more streamlined, incident-free installation of the new addition to your home. You communicate directly with the team manager, and you are kept in the loop about every aspect of the project, from beginning to end.


Living Space

Our room addition team has developed the ability to seamlessly integrate a new room into your home, complimenting your existing style while dramatically expanding your living space. We work with the highest quality construction materials, ensuring a lifetime of quality and a high return on your investment. Whether it’s a game room, a sun room addition, a second floor addition, a room above the garage, or a garage conversion – we use a delicate balance of form and function to create the room addition of your dreams.


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