Ageless Design Ideas for Your Home 

More and more homeowners are choosing to remodel their homes right now because they have more time on their hands due to quarantine. While remodeling, you want to keep an ageless design in mind. In this blog, we’ll give you ageless design ideas for your home!

But what exactly does an ageless design mean?

The most common rooms in your home to be remodeled are kitchens and bathrooms, so we’re going to give you ageless design ideas for just that!

Bathroom Ageless Designs

To create an ageless design in your bathroom, we recommend switching to a kitchen-height vanity cabinet and comfort-height toilet. Another thing to keep in mind when remodeling your bathroom is to create a barrier-free shower threshold and strategically add grab bars and a shower seat.

Kitchen Ageless Designs


For an ageless kitchen, install drawers instead of pullout shelves. In fact, full access drawers are a popular option for many homeowners right now.

Sink and Counter Space:

Get rid of that small sink and install a large, spacious kitchen sink. Also, make sure to leave counter space next to your kitchen sink for an easy prep, cooking, and serving area all in one location. This also helps prevent slips and spills!

Counter Corners: 

We’ve all bumped into the corner of a table or counter, so to minimize bumps and bruises; be sure to have rounded or softened counter corners.


You should try to keep appliances like your microwave at or below counter height instead of reaching overhead. Also, be sure to pick appliances that have easy-to-read control buttons.


Consider having a pantry cabinet for a more convenient location to store all your non-perishable foods.


To reduce the risk of falls, choose a flooring option that will not get too slick when wet.

We hope this helped give you ageless design ideas for your kitchen and bathroom remodels! For all your home remodeling needs, please, contact us!