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ADU Garage Conversions

We have developed a failure proof process to make sure the project is completed in timely manner and stays within budget. Echo Builders is the company you can trust with tons of knowledge and experience in ADU Garage Conversions.

The benefits of ADUs cannot be overstated. They range from social to monetary to environmental and are impacting everyone, from individual homeowners to entire communities. Echo Builders strives to make sure the ADU Garage Conversion process is easy and effortless for you. We customize the ADU based on your requirements making it a valuable addition to your home.

The state of California actively supports the homeowners wishing to perform a garage conversion. However, there are specific laws and regulations that apply in different areas of the state. There are a lot of pit falls that you have to know how to go around in order to complete the project successfully. And this is exactly where Echo Builders can help you get the biggest ROI from your ADU Garage Conversion.

Review Echo Builders ADU Garage Conversion Process

Design and Architectural Planning Comes First

Design and Architectural Planning Comes First

The first step is generally architectural planning. Echo Builders can help you with this process, but in case you have already acquired architectural drawings, we can continue the process and do the structural engineering, permits and the actual building. Remember to consult architects, builders and subcontractors about your garage conversion project. You will have a more detailed and thorough objectives and schematics. Talk with a contractor and get advice on the prices and financing available. Don’t forget that Echo Builders can work with the municipal zoning authorities in your location to make sure the garage conversion you are building is legal.

Step Two Is Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering

A structural engineer can help you verify that your architectural plan is actually safe and provides stability. The engineer will analyze your land and your existing construction to make sure the ADU will last for a long time. Ideally, the review will confirm that the ADU is going to be a safe, durable and reliable structure.

Permits Come Next

Architectural permits

This step is where you get your local authorities approval verifying that the project is safe and legal. According to the SB 1069 bill only the ADUs that meet certain standards can be approved and issued a building permit. The local governments then review the preliminary planning that has been done already to verify the safety of the construction project.

Construction Step

Construction Step

This step starts with summarizing all the details and ideas as well as finalizing the budget. During construction one of the most important parts is following the plan, because seemingly minor details could ruin the architectural plan. Another important aspect is the workflow and following the dates of deliveries, inspections, estimated completion dates and more. Working with Echo Builders prevents the issues from falling through the cracks.


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