5 Different Bathroom Vanity Styles

Are you looking to remodel your bathroom, but not exactly sure what look you should go for? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with 5 different bathroom vanity styles!

The perfect vanity will provide you with space for storing items and create an elegant look at the same time. But the real question is, what kind of style are you going for? Traditional, modern, or free-standing? The choice is yours!

Pedestal Sink

A pedestal sink, also known as a free-standing sink, does not have any storage features. This vanity fits well with any kind of bathroom or style you are going for. You can also customize your pedestal sink to fit one of many different add-ons to make it stand out. You just have to make sure add ons such as racks, fit onto your sink before using it.

pedestal vanity

Free Standing Vanity

A free-standing vanity has similar features to a pedestal sink; however, it offers more of a square or rectangular look. With a free-standing sink, you also have the option of one or two sinks in a spot. This option is great because it offers a variety of design choices and finishes. Wood and ceramic are usually the top two options homeowners choose.  

two vanity sinks

Wall Mounted / Floating Vanity

With a wall-mounted or floating vanity, you have to mount it onto your wall in your bathroom. This is a great option because it can fit in with a variety of bathroom styles and not take up tons of space in the process. It also doesn’t have to be connected directly to your floor, hence the name “floating vanity.” Just be careful on how you plan to use it because excess force can cause the vanity to fall off the wall.

5 Different Bathroom Vanity Styles

Vessel Vanity

You might have seen a vessel vanity in fancy restaurants or hotel lobbies. This type of vanity uses a rising bowl as a sink. This choice still offers storage spots and adds a different level of elegance at the same time.

5 Different Bathroom Vanity Styles

Under-Mounted Sink Vanity

An under-mounted sink vanity offers a basin built directly inside the vanity, which adds more of a refined and modern look overall. This is an attractive look; however, it does not provide as much storage space as other vanities. But if you are going for a refined look and don’t mind not having as much space, then this is the vanity for you!

5 Different Bathroom Vanity Styles

We hope this blog on 5 different bathroom vanity styles helped inspire you with ideas for your new bathroom remodel! For all your bathroom remodeling needs, please, contact us!