2020 California ADU Regulation Updates

Looking to build an ADU on your property? In this article, we will review the new and much anticipated 2020 California ADU regulation updates. As of January 1st, 2020, there have been some noticeable changes to the laws that will affect homeowners looking to build an ADU on their property.

What You Need To Know

So California was already one of the more liberal states regarding ADUs, but in 2020 they have unlocked a new development to everyone. If you have a single or multi-family property, you’re most likely eligible to build an accessory dwelling unit.

There’s no more minimum lot size, which is still subject to floor area ratio, but you are most likely eligible to build an ADU if you have this space. Setbacks have been pushed back to four feet so they can’t install a larger than 4-foot setback requirement. To be safe, the minimum max size that a city can establish is now 800 square feet. So it’s safe to say that if you have the size and the back yard space, you can build an 800 square foot ADU with a 16-foot height maximum.

Cities in California cannot require owner occupancy until 2025. Many individuals already own the land, and adding an ADU brings an incredible return on investment. And so not having owner occupancy for the next five years unlocks that target market.

Also, there are no impact fees for any ADUs under 750 square feet, which is significant. So that’s a magic number if you’re looking to build an ADU but don’t have to pay additional impact fees and increase those permitting costs.

Instead of 120 days for a city to review an ADU and get back to you, it’s now pushed down to 60 days, so that time is cut in half, which is very impressive and important.

We hope these 2020 California ADU regulation updates helped keep you informed! Building an ADU is not a DIY project. Even if you are in the planning stages, it always helps to have a helping hand, and that’s where Echo Builders come in. Whether you want us to handle the entire process or answer some questions, contact us at (310) 356-0024 | office@echobuildersca.com